Where Our funding comes from

Crime Stoppers is a registered charity working in partnership with, but independently from the police.

The cost of Crime Stoppers WA’s administration and communication programs are met through funding from corporate partners, alongside funding from the Commonwealth and Western Australian governments.

The funding enables us to operate this website, which includes the Crime Stoppers online report form, as well as various programs.

Additionally, our media partners kindly provide space and time for Crime Stoppers information to effectively reach the wider community. Read more about our partners here.

In addition to encouraging the public to make anonymous reports of criminal or suspicious activity we also:

  • Seek to raise awareness by publicising recent crimes in the news media
  • Help to prevent crimes by encouraging early reporting of suspicious activity and offering crime prevention tips.

Making a difference since 1995

Since Crime Stoppers WA was established in 1995, more than 500,000 contacts have been received from the public, from which almost 200,000 crime intelligence reports have been prepared, leading to more than 12,000 arrests and many more charges.

Now that’s making a difference to the safety of the WA community.