As a charity, Crime Stoppers relies on community and corporate support. If empowering the community to make a safer WA resonates with your organisation, then Crime Stoppers WA presents a unique opportunity for brand profiling, engagement and activation within Western Australia.

  • Align with a community investment that helps to deliver tangible safety and well-being outcomes for the community.
  • Be associated with the Crime Stoppers brand which has an awareness rate of 97%.
  • Sponsor a page or support a campaign.
  • Provide in-kind services relating to media, IT, research, for example.
  • A $1 investment in Crime Stoppers = $29 value to the community as a whole
    (2015 PWC report)

Partnerships can incorporate benefits across the whole of Crime Stoppers WA’s business or include specific services and campaigns.  If you would like to discuss these opportunities, please contact