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The Local Hero app encourages users to report information about criminal activity or suspicious behaviour to Crime Stoppers, as well as alerting community members to anything which threatens the safety of their neighbourhood.


Local Hero is a fast growing app within the Perth area helping community members create more awareness about crime and other community related alerts, placed by real people within the community. Local Hero is a free-to-use app with the following features:

🆘 Alert other neighbours and community members with location markers so they know exactly what’s happening and where! Alert them about a break-in attempt or any suspicious activity!

⚠ Alerts are sent instantly to your phone within your neighbourhood. 📲

🔔 You can place coloured markers, 📌 Red, Yellow or Green, to alert other app users visually on the map. Add a photo to help other members view more about a person or location.

🔥 Custom markers allow you to signal other issues you may see, such as a Fire, Lost Pets 🐶🐱, Car Accidents and more 🚔

🏘 You can only see markers, and other members who place those markers. You can not see other members location and Your location is only visible to you. ✅✅✅

➡ You can also share your marker location details to Facebook community groups, Whatsapp groups and other apps using the share feature to help people locate an event or issue instantly.

👪 Not everyone uses Facebook, so by sharing this App with your friends, neighbours and community, we’re helping as many people stay in touch with what is happening.

Download Local Hero today and start contributing to your safer community.

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