P&N Bank

Local Partner

P&N Bank has made a strong commitment to the broader WA community for over 23 years, with involvement in community activities that have benefited countless Western Australians.

In a move towards a safer WA, P&N Bank is partnering with Crime Stoppers WA, by supporting the development of an online project which will expand Crime Stoppers WA’s current anonymous-reporting footprint to include additional government and charitable organisations.

P&N Bank CEO Andrew Hadley said that he was pleased the customer-owned bank was able to support this latest online initiative to help Crime Stoppers improve their service offering to the public.

"The important role that Crime Stoppers continues to play in our community makes WA a safer place for all West Australians and visitors," he said.

"I encourage everyone to support and engage with the services that Crime Stoppers offers as we are all stronger when we work together."

Andrew Hadley, CEO, P&N Bank