Statewide Security WA

Local Partner


Statewide Security is a Western Australian owned and fully accredited company located in Perth, with a professional and experienced management team with backgrounds within the Policing, Defence and Government sectors.

The management and security officers at Statewide Security make a commitment to give back to the community by being corporate sponsors to key State and National charity organisations.

Statewide Security are proudly supporting the Crime Stoppers WA IT Program, with a particular emphasis on the accredited Civics & Citizenship schools resource for teachers.

“Being a proud Western Australian and loving this amazing city and state we live in, I invite every West Australian to support Crime Stoppers by providing valuable information to solve current and old crimes in our neighbourhood, as this will eradicate crimes and bring our community closer together”

“I recognise the importance of teaching the next generation ways they can help keep their communities safe, and I believe that providing a learning environment that encourages active citizenship plays a significant role in achieving this.”

Richard Clayton, Director