Winners will be chosen according to the following criteria:

Each entrant should generally show good problem-solving, initiative and planning abilities. Students must demonstrate an understanding of the crime of graffiti vandalism, its causes and consequences, the process of solving it, and be able to propose how to reduce graffiti vandalism in the community.

Additionally, winners will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Presentation
  • Demonstrated consideration of the points of view of victims, offenders and the community in relation to graffiti issues
  • Planning and development of practical solutions for reducing graffiti vandalism
  • Identification of ways entrants can be personally active and informed citizens in their own approach to graffiti issues.

Entries must be students’ own original work. Shortlisted entries will be checked for plagiarism against an international database, and any entries found to contain significant plagiarised material will be disqualified.

If stock images, clip art or any other ‘third party’ items are included, the sources must be noted.

Please note: Crime Stoppers WA Ltd/WA Police reserve the right to perpetually use, promote, copy, distribute or edit any submitted material it deems suitable, with acknowledgment to the source where feasible.