Student prizes

One lucky (and hard-working!) entrant will be selected by the judges to receive the winner’s cash prize of $600. If the entry has been submitted by a team, the $600 will be shared equally among the team members.

School prizes

The school or organisation of the winning student or group will receive the following prize:

A design development workshop in November 2019 with well known artist and biodiversity educator Angela Rossen. She will work with the students to create a series of designs based on nature and then paint a stunning frieze on a wall or section of walkway with permission from the school or asset owner. Students will be delighted to see their designs up in lights.


A select number of runner-up notable entries will receive Goodbye Graffiti reusable waterbottles.  If the runner-up entries are from schools, the Teachers will receive a hard copy educational resource that can be used for many years to come.

Awards for all students

Every student who enters the competition will receive an official 2019 Crime Stoppers WA/WA Police participation certificate.

Awards for all teachers

All participating teachers will receive an official 2019 Crime Stoppers WA/WA Police commendation certificate.