Lesson focus

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Freedom
  • Integrity
  • Care and compassion


  • Students to create and explain their learning journey
  • Students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of Crime Stoppers, citizenship and their role in society

Learning experiences

Classroom Ideas

  1. Ask students to create a learning journey of what they have learnt in the program (eg journal writing, digital story, photo story, presentation, poster, ICT presentation).
  2. Ask students to write a reflective summary of their knowledge on: Crime Stoppers, citizenship, the need for laws, and the how and when they can use Crime Stoppers.
  3. Invite students to share their thoughts with the class on what Crime Stoppers means to them and their own values.

Lesson focus questions

  1. What does Crime Stoppers mean to you and your own values?

Assessment tasks

Students to:

  • Complete a reflective summary of what they have learnt in the program

Download Lesson Plan and Activities

Printable lesson plan [Download Year 7, Lesson 10 plan]

Additional Activities: 

Activity A: Active citizenship word search [Download Activity A]

Activity B:Civic responsibility hidden messages [Download Activity B]

Activity C: Hidden messages [Download Activity C]

Activity D: Message in a word search [Download Activity D]