lesson focus

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Freedom
  • Integrity

expectations and goals

  • Students to understand the key factors which led to the establishment of  the police force
  • Students to understand the role that the police force plays internationally

learning experiences

Classroom Ideas

  1. Explain to the class that policing as a profession has been around for many years. Organise students into pairs and provide them with access to What I know about the police: Think-pair-share (Resource 3 below). Ask them to complete and then discuss their thoughts as a class.
  2. Pose the question, “Where did the police force begin?” Provide students with access to International police force search (Resource 4 below) and ask them to work with a partner and use the internet to complete. They are to look at each country and research and decipher the history about its police force.
  3. Display the Timeline of the police force (Resource 5 below). As a class discuss and create a timeline from when the police force began to the most recent police force that has been formed.
  4.  Ask students to each choose one country and create a poster advertising their police force. The poster is to include the following information: when it began, uniforms, jobs in that force, rules, regulations, equality, different sections and any other relevant information.
  5.  Pose the following questions and discuss as a class:
    1. Do police play a major part in the ethos and culture of each country?
    2. Does it differ from country to country?
    3. Is the police force more highly regarded in Europe or Australia?Ask students to create a storyboard to depict their version of a famous international policing event.

Lesson focus questions

  1. When did the police begin internationally?
  2. Why did the police service begin?
  3. Where did the police force begin?
  4. What role does the force play?
  5. Do police play a major part in the society of each country?
  6. Does it differ from country to country?
  7.  What makes the police force the same in all countries?
  8. Are they regarded higher in Europe rather than Australia?

assessment tasks

Students to:

  1. Create a poster advertising a different country’s police force

download resources and tools

Printable lesson plan [Download Year 9, Lesson 2]

Resource 3: What I know about the police: Think-pair-share [Download Resource 3]

Resource 4: International police force search [Download Resource 4]

Resource 5: Timeline of the police force [Download Resource 5]

WA Police website