Crime Stoppers WA has launched this new website to give people in Western Australia improved information and a more user-friendly online crime report form.

All the pages in this website are responsive, which means you can easily read the content on your tablet or mobile phone, and you can also report criminal behaviour in those formats. Plus, you can post photographs or videos of offending behaviour directly into the online crime report form in this website.

This website will be the home of many new services including:

A more user-friendly Online report form

The form has been completely revised to make it easier for you to fill in the details of offending behaviour.

A more searchable Open Cases record of unsolved crime cases

You can search unsolved crime cases in several ways using keywords, estimated date, the crime type, their case number or even several listed cases shown in date order. This makes it easier to find the crime you’re looking for.

A helpful Crime Types area

To help you to understand the differences between various types of crimes more easily, the new Crime Types area clearly explains what the most common types of crimes consist of and the range of penalties for most of them.

A new For Schools program area

For several years Crime Stoppers WA has been running an approved schools program on civics and citizenship for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 through the WA Department of Education. The program is now available directly from this website.

A completely revised and upgraded version of the modules in the program will be available later in 2015. We will post updates about our progress on this.

A future new Crime Prevention area

This area, which is still under development, will provide information and advice about reducing crime that affects you and your community.