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Neighbours taking positive action to report suspected drug dealing to Crime Stoppers results in police response and relief for residents.

Drug dealing is not welcome in my neighbourhood

“I would like to commend the recent efforts of Crime Stoppers and Midland police over the highly visible and coordinated response to recent reports made by my neighbours to Crime Stoppers regarding suspected drug dealing and illegal activity in a nearby house.

This activity which went on day and night in full view of neighbours, some with young children, has been curtailed by regular visits from the local police.

This police action comes as a great relief to many of the people on this previously quiet estate. The domino effect of having undesirables in such a location can be quite profound. Apart from danger to neighbours (some of whom were threatened with violence when complaining about the noise created by the teenage children of the occupants), the landlords of adjacent empty properties should also be thankful for the efforts of Crime Stoppers and the local police.

Keep up the good work and thanks again.”


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