Eyes on the Street, powered by Crime Stoppers WA, allows industry personnel to report suspicious activity quickly, easily and anonymously.

Security guards, shire rangers, taxi & ride share drivers, couriers, hotel staff or mining workers, through the nature of their work, are the Eyes on the Street and may come across suspicious behaviour on a regular basis.

They can easily share information via this mobile app, which will go directly to Crime Stoppers WA and then be directed to the WA Police Force or other law enforcement agencies for their intelligence-gathering and action where appropriate.

Please note that this is an information-sharing tool and not to be used where police attendance is required at the time.

Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play now.

Explainer video

Note: Eyes on the Street was previously a WA Police community safety initiative managed by the Crime Prevention and Community Liaison Unit. It has now become a reporting app for industry personnel and powered by Crime Stoppers WA.