Staff at the Grill’d restaurant in Mount Lawley recently selected Crime Stoppers WA as one of the community groups to benefit from their Local Matters program.

Local Matters is a community donation program at Grill’d, which gives back $500 to the local community every month from each of their restaurants. Staff select three local community groups they’d like to support and encourage their customers to do the rest, simply by eating a healthy meal at Grill’d.

Every customer is given a token and can choose which of the three groups they want to help by putting their token into the corresponding jar. At the end of each month after counting up the tokens in each jar, $300 is donated to the group with the most tokens and the other 2 groups each receive $100.

As an independent, not-for-profit community organisation, the work of Crime Stoppers is boosted by the generosity of businesses like Grill’d and the public. These contributions will help us:

  • set up a crime prevention centre in our website
  • teach WA students the importance of social responsibility and being good citizens
  • offer information and support links to people affected by drugs
  • respond effectively to the 49,000 contacts received at Crime Stoppers in a year
  • promote education on and solutions for graffiti vandalism
  • establish volunteer networks to help spread important community messages
  • reduce and prevent criminal and suspicious behaviour in Western Australia.

Just as every piece of information can help solve a crime, every dollar donated can make a difference. If you would like to help Crime Stoppers in some way, please contact Kim Harrison on