Lesson Idea

Investigating Crime Statistics

  • Students access the WA police crime statistics portal. Read the notes and explain why we need to be careful when reading quotes about crime statistics in the media.
  • Students use the WA police crime statistics portal to search for a particular neighbourhood’s crime statistics (either their own or get the class to compare different neighbourhoods). They graph a particular year’s data and observe trends. Invite students to attempt to explain the rise and fall in the statistics (seasonal crime such as at Christmas) and the effect that this might have on the individual and community (may be used for summative assessment).
  • Hold a class discussion about crimes in the news. Ask students to discuss the types of crimes that are prevalent in the media. Organise the students into pairs. Ask each pair to select an article that has been in the media about a crime and complete the Law in the Media article analysis resource sheet (information may be used for formative assessment)
  • Use the Crime Storyboard template resource to create a storyboard that illustrates what happens when a law is broken. Students are to use the storyboard to:
    • record what happened
    • explain which law was broken
    • suggest strategies to avoid this situation in the future

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