Lesson Idea

The Rule Of Law

In Australia, our legal system is based on the principle of The Rule of Law.

The Rule of Law is based on a set of principles that our legal system and government follow.

  • Put each principle on the board and in turn discuss why students think each one is important and how we ensure that it is provided.

Rule of Law principles:

  • Consistent, fair and impartial decisions about legal matters
  • Protection of individual’s rights, freedoms
  • Ways to settle disputes between parties according to the law
  • Laws that are knowable, followable and fit for purpose.
  • Assist students to identify that we have legal institutions such as courts, fair trials, lawyers to help us interpret the law, laws that are clearly understood, that people are deemed innocent until proven guilty and the judiciary are independent of government. The Rule of Law website provides further information about each principle; see Further Student Enquiry section.
  • Discuss with students why Australian citizens are more likely to take community action, such as contacting Crime Stoppers, if they know what our laws are and the protections for the individual that the rule of law provides.

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