Investigators are still seeking crucial information to help solve the murder of Valeria Fermendjin over two years ago.

The 70-year old grandmother died sometime between 7.20am and 8.30am on January 5, 2016 in her Leach Highway home in Melville.

A number of items were stolen from Ms Fermendjin’s home at the time of her death, including a Russian made black leather handbag that was embossed on both sides, had a zip top and a metal buckle.

Detectives are still interested in chatting to a couple they believe walked past Ms Fermendjin’s house around the time of the murder.  The couple, or anyone who recognises them, are encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers.

Some people may not realise the significance of what they saw, which is why it is crucial for anyone who was near Ms Fermendjin’s home that morning to come forward.

A $250,000 reward offered by the State Government for information about the case is still in place.