When we’re trying to remember specific details about people we’ve met or an incident we’ve seen, our memory is often not as good as we’d like it to be.  But knowing in advance what details to look out for can help enormously when it comes to recalling that information.

Even small facts can be important in helping to solve a crime when they’re combined with other evidence held by the police.  Something you remember, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, may be just what’s needed to help the police make an arrest or lay charges.

Make yourself familiar with some of the details that Crime Stoppers ask people to recall, then if you do have knowledge of any criminal activity or suspicious behaviour, you’ll be able to provide better quality and quantity of information.

  • What happened, when & where – the date, time and location of what you witnessed
  • Are the suspects male or female?
  • Appearance – do they look like a particular nationality or culture
  • Hair colour, length and type
  • Estimated height and age
  • Build – i.e. athletic, skinny, obese
  • Skin complexion – type or colour
  • Eye colour
  • Any facial hair – beard, moustache, goatee
  • Distinguishing features – like tattoos, piercings, behaviour traits, accent or sound of voice
  • Clothing & accessories – headwear, footwear, glasses, clothing description, bag, hat, etc.
  • Vehicle they drive – registration, make & colour

Taking photos using mobile phones provides a valuable addition to any report.  Our online report form also allows you to forward information from your mobile device straight away.  But if you can’t, make notes as soon as possible, which will be more accurate than trying to record something hours or days later after numerous distractions.

Crime Stoppers is about getting information from those who have it to those who need it.  We don’t expect you to remember everything, but knowing what facts are needed could make all the difference to the detail you provide and its value to past, present or future investigations.