Drug dealers don’t care about the harm they cause and people in Western Australia are taking a stand against this menace within our communities.

Information provided to Crime Stoppers assisted extensive police investigations and resulted in the seizure of $13 million worth of the drug ice or 137,000 hits being removed from our streets.  More than 150 people were charged with more than 450 offences during a major police operation targeting drug dealers across the state.

13.7kg of methylamphetamine and 14 firearms were seized, with the majority of the drugs coming from Kalgoorlie and the Rockingham & Mandurah areas.

Other drugs, weapons and rounds of ammunition were also seized, which would only cause additional harm among our communities.

State Crime Command acting commander Kim Massam said:

“The harm caused by illicit drug use is well documented, and reaches even the smallest communities in our state, and that is why it is important we maintain a focus on identifying and disrupting the drug dealers at the local and district level.”

He urged anyone with information regarding the sale or distribution of illicit drugs to contact Crime Stoppers.  You have the protection of anonymity, whether you make an online report or phone call.