The Crime Stoppers name and brand have become a vital part of policing, with the information gathered and supplied by the community playing a key role in crime fighting and prevention across Australia and the world.

Crime Stoppers Western Australia Limited is a registered charity managed by our Board of Directors, which includes our Chief Executive Officer and a representative of the Commissioner of Police.

Crime Stoppers Australia Limited (CSA) is also a registered charity, which owns the Crime Stoppers trademark nationally.

Every State and Territory member of CSA is entitled to operate using the name and trademark. Police in every jurisdiction are also given permission to use the Crime Stoppers trademark and name in approved activities.

This means that Crime Stoppers WA operates independently from the WA Police, and works in cooperation with all the other State Crime Stoppers bodies that comprise CSA. Each State or Territory body is represented on the Board of Directors of CSA.

The success of the program since it was first established in Australia in 1987 can be seen in the 125,000 people charged and 45,000 arrested from 260,000 information reports prepared from 1 million contacts by the public.

Around Australia in 2016 alone, a total of 151,605 information reports were written from 333,964 contacts, leading to 7,676 arrests and 22,120 charges.

A worldwide network

Crime Stoppers is an international program, successfully partnering with police in 30 countries across the world, including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and New Zealand, within the Crime Stoppers International network.

Crime Stoppers programs worldwide have been responsible for over a million people charged and arrested, the seizure of more than US$10 billion in illegal drugs and the recovery of US$2billion in property.

The quality of the work performed by Crime Stoppers WA is respected and recognised among peer organisations within Crime Stoppers International.  Our activities regularly receive international awards for excellence.