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or call 1800 333 000

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Community tensions can arise from political, cultural, criminal, national or family reasons. Learn what you can do to help police understand the impacts.

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“Over 2,000 firearms in WA and more than 15,000 around Australia have been taken off the streets as a result of our illegal firearms campaign.”

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Say something before it's too late

Crime Stoppers WA visited Mandurah, as part of the Illegal Firearms Campaign, to help spread the message that we need to get as many illegal guns off our streets as possible. That's our aim.

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Award for Bikelinc

Crime Stoppers WA has won a 2021 Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Silver Award for Bikelinc, presented by the Australian Institute of Criminology.

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Cybercrime and the Law

44% of teens have had a negative online experience and cybercrime is a real issue. Our new teachers resource helps empower young Australians to have a more positive and safe online experience.

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Crime Stoppers WA acknowledges the traditional owners of this country and their continuing connection to the land, sea and community. We pay our respect to Aboriginal people, their culture and to their elders both past and present.
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