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Attention If you are a victim of crime, such as burglary or car theft, please phone 131 444. Report stolen or damaged property online to WA Police.


Is my report truly anonymous?

Learn about our anonymity guarantee and the steps we take to ensure your identity is not revealed.

Who should I report to and how?

It's important to contact the right people. Crime Stoppers WA is for sharing information about criminal activity. For police assistance dial 131 444 and for emergencies dial 000.

Make The Right Call explains who to call and how.

Through our reporting platform you can also report directly to a number of government agencies and remain anonymous.

Does my information make a difference?

Yes it does. Police investigations are often like doing a jigsaw puzzle and they need all the pieces to help paint a picture of a case. Your piece of information could be that missing or final piece.

In 2022, of the Open Cases posted on our website and Facebook page, 47% of people were charged thanks to your help.
Most investigations are assisted by information provided by the community to Crime Stoppers and you can read about some of our Success Stories in this site.

What are your opening hours?

You can make an online report 24/7 but these will only be monitored during the Contact Centre opening hours:
Mon-Fri 7am-11pm
Weekend & public holidays 8am-8pm.

Staff are available to take phone calls during these hours.

What type of crime can I report to Crime Stoppers or other organisations?

You can report most crime types to Crime Stoppers WA, but if police assistance is required, dial 131 444.

You can also report directly to some government agencies about prison matters, scammers, pollution and environmental issues, COVID-19 grant fraud, fishing or agricultural issues.

Go to our Report Form to share your information.

What information do I include in my report?

As much as you can.

If you make an online report, the introductory section allows you to share your summary of what happened, where, when and by whom. Other sections also allow you to include location details, people & vehicle descriptions and upload relevant images.

Will my information be actioned immediately?

No. Your information is assessed and entered onto the WA Police intelligence database for their investigation purposes. Or the information may be transferred to other agencies who deal with a specific matter.

Often, your information is helpful as part of a case or investigation and will be actioned when sufficient evidence is gathered. For example, if your neighbours report similar information, there is more chance of action being taken.

What happens after I make a report?

You will receive a unique ID report code for further reference.

You will also have some peace of mind, knowing that you have helped police by sharing what you know.

Information reports are written from the details provided by members of the public. The reports are added to the WA Police intelligence database and where possible are checked against other available information to ensure any incorrect or possibly spiteful details aren’t included.

Information reports contain keywords that can be brought to the attention of police officers who are investigating past crimes or new ones.

All of the information provided by the public is analysed and becomes part of the WA Police’s intelligence holdings.

Information may be transferred to other agencies who deal with a specific matter.

Can I get updates or feedback on my report?

Because we receive over 1,000 pieces of information each week, it is not possible to receive feedback from police on your report.

But be reassured, good quality information will greatly assist with police investigations and solving cases.

What rewards are available?

Aside from the personal satisfaction of knowing you’ve done the right thing, you may also be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers WA.

For high profile cases, the State Government offers larger rewards which are published in the media and our website.

What languages can I report in?

For online reports, you can report in 11 languages other than English:

If you prefer to make a phone call, our staff have access to Translation & Interpreting Services to help.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.

Working Together by DuShong

The artwork titled ‘Working Together’ represents the Aboriginal tribes of Western Australia working together in harmony to rejuvenate the land by controlled fires.

In this artwork it also represents our community today working together to keep our neighbourhood safe from crime.

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