Teacher Resources

We support the view that Australian schooling should develop a sense of community engagement in students by increasing their potential to be informed, responsible, ethical and active participants in society.

Through practical tasks relating to real life experiences, these free resources help students develop a positive attitude towards their role in society. They enable teachers to select lesson ideas within a theme in any order, to best suit the interest and needs of students.

To make things easy, lesson ideas link directly to the Humanities and Social Sciences content descriptions and key concepts, namely; Democratic Values, The Westminster System, Justice, Participation, and Rights and Responsibilities.  Each theme pack can be downloaded.

The resources were developed with specialist guidance from Brian Rogers, former Principal Consultant, Teaching and Learning Services at the Western Australian Department of Education.

Note: The themes and resources in this package support Civics and Citizenship content descriptions as described in the Australian and Western Australian Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences; and can be used by teachers across Australia. Where links are made to specific curriculum content descriptors not taught in their state or territory, teachers may need to consult their own curriculum authority for guidance.


*We are currently working on a 2020 refresh of these resources and will let you know when this is complete.  You can still access them online and download the documents.