Graffiti vandalism is conservatively estimated to cost WA taxpayers over $25 million per year.  Research has identified graffiti as the second greatest concern to the wider community and the presence of graffiti adversely affects public perceptions of safety.  Graffiti offending is a gateway crime and recidivist offenders regularly engage in other criminal behaviour.

The State Graffiti Taskforce is committed to reducing graffiti vandalism through its Tough on Graffiti initiatives.

The three key goals are:

1. Decrease the number of graffiti vandalism offenders

2. To keep neighbourhoods free from graffiti vandalism

3. To ensure all graffiti vandalism is reported


Report & Remove Graffiti

You can help by reporting any acts of graffiti vandalism against public assets, community facilities or private property.

Prevent Graffiti

The WA Police Force undertakes graffiti investigations, also focusing on community (and student) education and crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED).