16 years of age at time of disappearance.
• Olive skinned.
• 150cm tall.
• Medium build.
• Long black hair.
• Hazel eyes.
• Raelene has a mole on the left side of her neck, and has a gold cap on a bottom front tooth.
• Last seen wearing a pink top, black skirt, brown platform shoes and carrying a brown shoulder bag.

17 years of age at time of disappearance.
• Light skinned.
• 158cm tall.
• Slim build.
• Ginger hair.
• Brown eyes.
• Last seen wearing long sleeved green top, long blue trousers, brown platform shoes and carrying a tan shoulder bag.


  • Raelene and Yvonne were cousins and very good friends.
  • Attended the Oxford Hotel in Leederville on Sunday 7 April 1974.
  • Police believe they caught a bus to The White Sands Tavern in Scarborough.
  • Socialised with five men aged in their early twenties, two men left before closing time.
  • At closing time the remaining three men left the Tavern in company with Raelene and Yvonne.
  • Raelene and Yvonne were seen talking with the three men outside the front doors and when a witness looked back, the group were gone.


Raelene May Eaton was born in Perth in June 1957. She had an older brother and lived at home with her Mother and Father in Bayswater. Raelene was working at a nearby plumbing business whilst going to night school studying dress making and short hand typing. She enjoyed playing netball and hockey.

Yvonne Kay Waters was born in Perth in February 1957. She had one sibling and lived at home with her parents in Maylands. Yvonne was working for a concrete moulding business in Ashfield.

Raelene and Yvonne were cousins but also very good friends, often socialising with each other. Raelene’s father was the brother of Yvonne’s Mother.


On Sunday 7 April 1974, Raelene and Yvonne were going to go with a friend to the Oxford Hotel in Leederville for a band that was playing. Before Raelene left, her Mother was going to a family engagement and as she left, said her daughter ‘Have a good time’. These were the last words from a Mother to her daughter.

Police believe Raelene’s Father drove her to Yvonne’s place in Maylands and they both caught a train from Maylands into Perth. It is likely that they then caught a bus to Leederville. The girls arrived and remained in the Sandgroper Bar of the Oxford Hotel for a short period of time before the two of them decided to go to the White Sands Tavern in Scarborough together.

Police believe they caught a bus to Scarborough as a witness saw them walking towards the Tavern from the direction of the bus stop.

Raelene and Yvonne arrived at the White Sands Tavern around 4.30pm and were seen socialising with five men at a table inside. The band playing at the time were ‘Fatty Lumpkin’. Two of the five men left the table leaving the girls in the company of three men. The men were described as older than the girls, aged in their early twenties and scruffy in appearance.

At closing time, around 6.45pm, the girls walked out of the Tavern with the three men they were socialising with. They all stood outside in the car park talking and when a witness looked back, the group were gone. This is the last known sighting of Raelene and Yvonne.

Around a week after the girls went missing, Yvonne’s boyfriend was driving a car with Raelene’s brother in the passenger seat. A tyre burst, with the car hitting a curb and rolling. As a result of the crash, Raelene’s brother received serious injuries and passed away around two weeks later, on Monday 29 April 1974.

The person or persons responsible for the disappearance of Raelene and Yvonne have not yet been identified.

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