Earlier this year, Pingelly Police identified that there was a perceived drug problem facing their community, but it was clear that the quantity and quality of intelligence they had was insufficient to tackle the drug issues effectively.

Members of such a small community were regularly talking amongst themselves about certain things occurring in town, but that information was not reaching Police who were often left wondering why. After various community engagements and meetings, it was apparent that many residents were aware of Crime Stoppers but not of the unique benefits associated with contacting them.

Working with the Pingelly Community Resource Centre, The Pingelly Times and Crime Stoppers, Pingelly Police started a campaign to raise community awareness of the benefits and anonymity guarantee that Crime Stoppers provides. Through newspaper advertising, information pamphlets and a recent display at the Pingelly Markets, the message is now getting through.

Compared to the same period in 2016, there has been an increase of over 50% in information reports that have been allocated to Pingelly Police Station.

From that information, Pingelly Police have executed 7 Misuse of Drugs Act search warrants in the last 3 months resulting in over 15 drug related charges along with a substantial quantity of illicit drugs being seized.

People in small country towns often have a close relationship with local police, but there are times when someone wanting to provide information would prefer to remain anonymous and not be identified by people they know. This is where Crime Stoppers can help, by allowing people to either report online or by phone where no computer details, personal ID or phone numbers are recorded.

Whether information goes to Crime Stoppers first or directly to Police, it is all valuable in helping to achieve the same outcome – reducing criminal activity in our communities and making a safer WA.

Sgt Whitney and Pingelly Police have successfully worked with local residents to promote the benefits of the trusted Crime Stoppers service. It is expected that the number of information reports will continue to increase and make a positive difference to the Pingelly Community.