When you realise you’d rather not be caught with two unregistered handguns that you bought from random strangers in a country pub back in the 80s— what do you do? YOU HAND THEM IN!

Just one example of how people have been taking advantage of the permanent National Firearms Amnesty.

A man in his 70s handed in the 2 handguns pictured: a Colt 1911 and Walther P38 to his local Police Station for destruction.

He’d bought them about 40 years ago, while sitting in a pub in Port Headland, from two travellers who wanted extra money to continue their trip around Australia.

As you’d expect from guns purchased at the pub, they’re not recorded on any system. Through the Crime Stoppers’ firearms campaign, the owner knew he wouldn’t face any penalties and decided to hand them in to the Police (better late than never!).