As part of its 25th anniversary celebrations, Crime Stoppers WA (CSWA) would like to thank everyone who has been part of the enormously successful partnership between the community, the WA Police Force, our sponsors and partners since it began in 1995.

Before that, in 1976, Detective Greg MacAleese from Albuquerue in New Mexico was struggling to solve the brutal murder of a petrol station attendant.  His brainwave was to produce and broadcast a video re-enactment of the crime, guaranteeing anonymity and a reward for anyone who provided valuable information. This motivated someone to phone in with significant details, which allowed police to arrest two men for the murder and several armed robberies.

The concept took off from there and Crime Stoppers was officially launched in WA in March 1995.

By contacting CSWA, between 01 January 2005 and 30 June 2020, community-minded people have contributed to:

  • 579,078 calls and online reports being received;
  • 53,472 arrest outcomes being recorded;
  • 2.15 tonnes of drugs including 1.56 tonnes of cannabis, 233.15 kg of amphetamine/methylamphetamine, and 14.7 kg of cocaine being seized/found;
  • 1,731 firearms and 6,672 weapon items being seized/found including machine guns, machetes, knives, and swords; and
  • Over $4.8 million of cash being seized/found and released to the State of WA or Federal Government.
  • 22,168 incidents being recorded with an associated 77,372 offences including homicide, robbery, sexual offences and drug offences;
  • 19,040 distinct offenders being processed;

As a registered charity, CSWA relies on support from government, private sponsors and the community.  Over the years, the State Government, Federal Government and many partners have provided CSWA with valuable funds and support to promote many crime prevention campaigns, to raise awareness among emerging communities, educate the next generation, provide the latest ICT protections and help create a safer WA.

Thank you!