Crime Stoppers WA has won a 2020 Crime Stoppers International – Specialised Program Award for implementing the Tor network into its online reporting to guarantee anonymity.

Tor (The Onion Router) allows you to use the internet anonymously and the online report you submit passes through a minimum of three different global servers or nodes, each providing a separate layer of encryption before the report reaches its destination.  This makes it impossible to track your IP address and provides complete anonymity. Therefore, what is being transmitted cannot be intercepted, modified or read and the source of the document received cannot be backtracked.

Learn more about what we mean by anonymity and watch a video which explains how Tor has been used by Crime Stoppers WA.

Each year, Crime Stoppers International recognises a number of individuals, programs, activities and campaigns from around the world for excellence and for their contribution to the achievement of the Crime Stoppers International vision – to mobilize the world to report information on crime and criminals, anonymously.