25,999 firearms have been handed in across Australia in the first two months of the National Firearms Amnesty, with Australians surrendering an average of 464 firearms each day.

This is a great result, and shows Australians are serious about protecting themselves, their families, and their communities.

From 1 July – 30 September 2017, the amnesty allows anyone with an unwanted and unregistered firearm or firearm-related items to legally dispose of or register them at approved drop-off points in each state and territory. There is no cost involved with handing in or surrendering a firearm, and no personal details are required.

This is the first nation-wide gun amnesty since 1996, when the Howard Government took decisive action following the devastation of the Port Arthur Massacre.  As this showed, just one firearm in the wrong hands can be deadly.

Rare items of historical significance have already been handed in, including heirlooms from WWI, WWII and the Vietnam War. Queensland police also received a rifle dating back to 1874.

Outside the current amnesty period, anyone caught with an unregistered firearm could face a fine of up to $280,000, up to 14 years in jail, and a criminal record.

Information about individual state and territory requirements, including how and where to surrender firearms, can be found at www.firearmsamnesty.ag.gov.au or by calling 1800 909 826.