• 47 years of age.
  • 176cm (5 feet 9 inches) tall.
  • Medium build.
  • Brown hair
  • Blue eyes. Fair complexion.


  • Driven to Burswood Casino by his de-facto partner around 10.30pm Tuesday 14 November 2006.
  • Was seen on his mobile phone receiving several phone calls while at the casino.
  • Left the casino at 11.43pm leaving via the southern exit.
  • Located deceased at 5.50am the following morning in the Swan River.


Zbigniew Boguslaw Oleksiuk was born in Poland in December 1958 and migrated to Australia in the early 1980’s. He became an Australian citizen in 1986. Mr Oleksiuk lived in East Victoria Park with his de-facto partner.


On the evening of Tuesday 14 November 2006, Mr Oleksiuk was at home with his partner when around 10:30pm she drove him to the Burswood casino. He did not say what time he would be leaving the casino but did mention that he would catch a taxi home. At the time, Mr Oleksiuk appeared to be in good spirits.

Mr Oleksiuk was seen, via CCTV, walking around the casino and receiving a number of telephone calls on his mobile phone.

At 11:43pm Mr Oleksiuk left the casino via the southern exit.


At about 5:50am the following morning, Wednesday 15 November 2006 a body was located in the Swan River, approximately 5 metres from the shoreline. Investigations revealed that the body was that of Mr Oleksiuk.

The person or persons responsible for Mr Oleksiuk’s murder have not yet been identified.

If you have any information about the murder of Zbigniew Boguslaw Oleksiuk, or his movements around Burswood on Tuesday 14 November 2006, please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or make an online report below.  Please remember that you can remain anonymous if you wish and rewards are offered.

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