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Attention If you are a victim of crime, such as burglary or car theft, please phone 131 444. Report stolen or damaged property online to WA Police.

Anonymity Guarantee

When you make an online report

  • We do not have access to personal data. Your IP address, details of the computer you are using or your location is never recorded.
  • We use the Tor network to anonymise your report. This means that the report you submit passes through a minimum of three different global servers or nodes, each providing a separate layer of encryption before the report reaches its destination. Therefore, what is being transmitted cannot be intercepted, modified or read and the source of the document received cannot be backtracked.

When you phone us

  • No caller ID on the call centre telephones (i.e. no phone number shown)
  • Your telephone call is never recorded

Legal Decision

While each case must be taken on its own merits, the case below is a good example of the strong view that the courts take regarding the anonymity of information disclosed to Crime Stoppers.

In the above case, the Hon. Justice J McKECHNIE ruled:

“Nothing is advanced that would satisfy me as to the legitimate forensic purpose in disclosing this material. Even if there was some legitimate forensic purpose, I consider that the strong public interest in the confidentiality of all information provided by callers to the Crime Stoppers program would require the public interest immunity to extend over that material”. Para 39

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.

Working Together by DuShong

The artwork titled ‘Working Together’ represents the Aboriginal tribes of Western Australia working together in harmony to rejuvenate the land by controlled fires.

In this artwork it also represents our community today working together to keep our neighbourhood safe from crime.

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