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Crime Stoppers WA is an independent not-for-profit organisation helping keep our communities and families safe.

Success Stories

Feature Story

Your information helps take 137,000 hits of ice off our streets

Information provided to Crime Stoppers assisted extensive police investigations and resulted in the seizure of $13 million worth of the drug ice.

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Double murderer Daniel Holdom jailed for life

Daniel James Holdom has received two life sentences for the double murder of Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and her two-year-old...

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Weapon wielder charged

A man who threatened a shopping centre staff member with a knife is arrested and charged after appearing...

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Anonymous tip-off helps find Tiahleigh Palmer’s killer

It was an anonymous tip-off to Crime Stoppers in May 2016, that helped police find Tiahleigh Palmer’s killer...

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Report, response & relief

Neighbours taking positive action to report suspected drug dealing to Crime Stoppers results in police response and relief...

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Perth people help police seize firearms and a million dollar property

“There is no legitimate, lawful or even reasonable purpose for possessing firearms like these – they are purely...

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Community information leads to drug charges

Information from concerned community members helps Northam police charge drug dealers

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Media partners and the public help identify criminals

Valuable support from our media partners The West Australian, 6PR and 6iX radio, and the public’s willingness to...

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Public information gets results

Kensington Detectives assure the public that information they provide to Crime Stoppers is looked at and does get...

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Fugitive Jayde Schackow captured hiding under child’s bed

One of Australia’s elusive fugitives was captured in Sydney’s north-west hiding under a child’s bed and is now...

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Partners in solving crime

Crime Stoppers, as a registered charity, partners with the community, State Government and the police – a partnership which...

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Report Anonymously

We only need your information to solve crime, not your name.

We provide reporting services that ensure the right information reaches the right organisation.

If this is an emergency, call 000 for police attendance, call 131 444

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